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East-End Technologies

Corporate Head Office at No 1 Nise Road, Nibo, Awka South L.G.A. Anambra State Nigeria

  +2348064782539,  +2349096399793

A brief History about
East-End Group/ Technologies

East-End Technologies began as a PC Mechanic center at Nteje where it serviced computers and trained people on how to use the computer system. The Company further undertook networking jobs on Cyber cafe installation and setup, which paved way for VSAT Installtion services plus networking rendered to the clients to their satisfaction.

Repairs, maintenance, installations of both computers and networks continued until Akiota Works limited had a big need for a cutomized software and contacted the CEO to raise one. With this challenge and need, the CEO moved to acquire the skills needed to build a customized desktop or network Application with its first software on inventory and manpower developed for Akiota Works Limited, Enugu.

Since then, East-End Technologies has been focusing on software development with special interest in Health Inforamtion Technology softwares (Electronic Medical Records Software) which has given the company a face lift.

To the glory of God, East-End Technologies has taken and delivered jobs both Nationally and Internationaly.